Divino Espresso

Come to the magical world of DIVINO specialty coffees. Small farms, fine varieties, perfection in processing, charismatic areas that promise a high quality coffee delight.

Greek Coffee "PAFILIS"

Pafilis Greek coffee, with a history of 90 years, is roasted and freshly grinded in a stone mill like then. With the same taste, the same passion and love for making the perfect Greek coffee.

Divino Chocolate

Wonderful mix of different cocoa beans based on the secret formula of PAPILIS. Great feeling of rich flavor of delicious chocolate that will remain unforgettable to you.

More products

Fragrant filter coffee, delicious granites and cold tea, Delarte’s espresso and chocolate, and strong Greek Meraklidos coffee complement the Pafilis range of products in the most delicious way.


The company “Pafilis” has all the necessary utensils and coffee supplies for the complete presence of espresso and chocolate DIVINO.

For 90 years, the traditional authentic coffee shop “Pafilis”, writes its own, unique page in Greek coffee history.