The heart of our company strikes at the Industrial Park of Melissia, Kozani, in a newly-built craft which meets the most stringent quality and environmental standards.

  • Very close to the Egnatia Motorway junction.
  • 500 square meters of production space.
  • 500 square meters of storage space, configured according to ISO.

1 high quality Probatone 60 electronic coffee  baker made in Germany with a production capacity of 2 tons / shift, a long cooking time of up to 20 minutes and high operating reliability.

  • 1 DITTING 1800 espresso milling machine, capable of milling 5-6 kg / min.
  • 8 Mills for Greek coffee milling in millopers that combine great production capacity, silent operation and excellent results.
  • 2 rotating packages – electronic weighing and volumetric machines.

Goglio’s top packaging for espresso packaging, with a capacity of 30 kg / min.

  • Entersoft’s interconnection ERP.
    • A tasting-seminar hall.
  • 10 distribution vehicles of antifouling technology.
    • 50 employees and partners.
    • Α Noν- measurable passion for making the perfect coffee.