Quality Policy

  • PAFILIS is certified according to ISO 22000: 2005 and has HACCP ensuring the quality and safety of the products produced.
  • The company invests daily in adhering to its quality policy. The selected raw materials and packaging materials, finest facilities which meet stringent hygiene and safety rules, operational equipment and trained human resources ensure superior product quality and services. PAFILIS has developed and applies modern practices that enable it to guarantee the quality of its products and confirm its compliance to strict quality criteria for receipt, storage, production, standardization and distribution.
  • For the proper organization of PAFILIS, special specifications that ensure the quality of operation are adhered to, through the implementation of a set of tested and standardized procedures. The quality control of the implementation of the operating procedures in all departments is daily and its results are immediately evaluated so that the necessary improvements to take place without delay.





We are also certified for the organic coffee by DIO.