90 years of history

With a manual roasting machine, the family grandfather was baking coffee not only with passion but also with many difficulties to succeed to succeed in the preparation of fine Greek coffee of excellent quality that required uniformity on roasting, color stability, rich aroma and natural preservation of its valuable ingredients during baking.

That small family coffee shop was the starting point for the subsequent three generations route of Pafilis in the wonderful coffee world.
The mastery in roasting and milling was instilled by a grandfather to a grandson. The talent of mixing fine blends for the best flavor and aroma, was almost inherited. And since 1927, Greek coffee “PAFILIS” has been the tastiest and most popular coffee in Macedonia.

Having deep roots in an area full of contrasts with clusters of lush mountains and plateaus, gorges and waterfalls, with an intense commercial activity, significant folklore and history, accompanied by myths, beliefs, heroes and gods achievements, passages of kings and saints … and having accumulated experience and knowledge from generation to generation, the third generation of Pafilis continues with the same culture and love as their ancestors their vision for qualitative and prime freshly roasted Greek coffee, always with respect to the traditional values and to Greek lovers of good coffee.

It goes on by replacing the manual burner with a state-of-the-art 1,000 square meter coffee making unit equipped with electronic baking and coffee standardization systems that ensure high quality, rich aroma and freshness.

It goes on to enter dynamically in 2010 in the demanding and growing espresso market where, combining the long-year experience in coffee making, the finest varieties and sophisticated processing machines, it creates a range of delicious and sweet espresso blends that excite even the most exacting coffee connoisseur.

Today, PAFILIS continues to produce high-quality coffee, to choose varieties of the best farms in the world, to create new blends with a lot of mastery, to design new packaging, to develop new products and to be equipped with new production lines, having tradition and authenticity as indissoluble values.